Bushnell Trophy 4-12×40 review

Bushnell Trophy 4-12×40 review
Welcome back to Affordable optics and rifle reviews this week we got our hands on a discontinued Bushnell Trophy 4-12×40 with multi X reticle (discontinued model) and not the XLT version.
The only online refference for a price was online for 156$ USD
now considering they dont make this optic anymore, you wont be finding it in stores consider this review for if you find one used, wether it still works it should be covered under the Ironclad warranty

from Bushnell:

Magnification: 4 to 12x
Objective lens: 40mm
Reticle: Multi-X
Field of view: 29 feet @ 100 feet (4x); 10 feet @ 100 feet (12x)
Adjustment range: 60 inches @ 100 yards
Exit pupil: 10mm
Eye relief: 3.5 inches
Mounting length: 5.4 inches
Click value: 0.25 inches @ 100 yards
Finish: Matte black
Length: 12.8 inches
Weight: 16.4 ounces

all turrets in my videos are tested using
targets from Box to bench precision if you are interested check them out:

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