Top 5 Truck Gun Options For Protection On The Go

Top 5 Truck Gun Options For Protection On The Go
Alright, let me shine the light on something that so many people get wrong.
Think about how many truly knowledgeable people condone keeping only a handgun as your home defense weapon. The answer is likely zero because they advise a shotgun.
Sure, your pistol can do in a pinch, but if things get serious you are going to need more firepower.
Traditionally a “truck gun” is a shotgun or a handgun. In any case, a truck gun should be small enough to easily store under or behind a truck seat or stash inconspicuously somewhere else inside a vehicle, and it should be powerful enough to get whatever job you require of it done.
Every police force I know keeps a shotgun or rifle in their cruiser, because when it hits the fan, you want to be properly prepared. So here are the top choices we narrowed down for your truck or trunk.
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